Kasper Development Corporation has over 30 years of construction management experience. We specialize in facility development and have a proven track record of on-budget, on-time performance. Our portfolio consists of over $250 million in projects managed.

General Contracting Services

We have worked in the industry of general contracting for many years and have provided a wealth of knowledge and resources that have benefited clients.

Although each project is unique, our broad base of experience grants us the expertise and skill required to ensure that the more complicated aspects of each project are completed to the highest standard of quality.

We have established good relationships with a wide variety of top quality traders and suppliers and we take great pride in seeing each project come together successfully.

Construction Management

Kasper Construction Management services comprise of two areas of involvement:

Design Phase – When Kasper is involved in the design phase, we contribute in ways that add value to the project, as we ensure that the client’s best interests are represented. This avoids the kind of excessive pricing that may occur when the builder is not consulted.

Kasper provides preliminary, mid-design, and tender pricing. Each stage of pricing ensures that the project’s design is reflecting the client’s desired cost. This system of constant budget checks serves to avoid delays in redesign when attempting to regain original target budgets.

Construction Phase – Having a detailed basis of information established in the design and tendering of the project allows for a seamless entrance into the construction phase.

Kasper ensures that the transition from construction to full operation of the project after completion is smooth and hassle-free by resourcefully ensuring that all installations of the project are operating to optimal efficiency.

Design/Build Services

Through our Design-Build Service, we at Kasper provide our clients with a certain amount of input in the project. We work to understand and develop project expectations and then manage those needs with a qualified design team. Our experienced, collaborative approach uncovers unique ideas and creative opportunities for improvement before each new stage begins.

Facility Maintenance

Upon completion of the construction phase, Kasper may stay on and provide facility maintenance. At this point, a maintenance program would be created to be specifically tailored to each individual project. The maintenance program will support the quality assurances that are required in the health care sectors.

Contact us for more information on how we can customize a program suited to your needs.